v1.4.7 - Ukraine and Trans Rights

I moved out of Kyiv to a much safer and calmer place, where I have the time to work on my projects. Thank you for your tips and donations - I do not need the money at the moment, but sadly the war is not over yet.

The recent Bundle for Ukraine as well as TTRPGs for Trans Rights in Texas! inspired me to work on Mitch.

Mitch v1.4.7

  • Allow claiming games from the Bundle for Ukraine and TTRPGs for Trans Rights in Texas!🇺🇦🏳️‍⚧️
    • Tyranny and oppression must be fought on all fronts
  • New method for game installation, should be faster and reduce disk space usage
    • Might need a bit more testing
    • If you’re upgrading from an older version of Mitch, you may need to go into the Settings to enable it
  • Added warnings when trying to download a non-Android game
  • Make search dialog wider
  • Fix crash when looking at tools published by https://itchio.itch.io
  • Numerous small bug fixes and UI improvements
  • New translations from volunteers on Weblate: Italian and Spanish (I believe it’s Castilian Spanish but I may be wrong)

I’m considering adding a mechanism to “claim all” games, however the itch.io admin is urging people to not overload the servers with 100s of these requests, so I will hold off on that for now.


app-itchio-release.apk 8 MB
Version 1.4.7 Mar 10, 2022

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Trans rights are human rights! Glad to hear you're safe.