v2.1.0 release + financial support


You might have noticed that I don’t accept donations through itch.io. This is because itch.io requires use of either PayPal or Stripe for payment processing, neither of which work in Ukraine (PayPal has allowed money transfers to Ukrainian citizens since the start of the war, but not business payments such as itch.io)

I did not realize this for far too long, because I just never tried to withdraw the money I’d received. Over the last 2 years I’d gotten ~80$ worth of revenue from itch.io, which just kinda stayed there in limbo. When I cried for help at the start of the war, I’d received a couple of large payments (I’m eternally grateful for that!) which I later returned. The other 80$ are all small payments which I never bothered to return. Contact me if you’d like your money back.

I’ve set up an alternative method for funding: you can now support Mitch financially with Buy Me a Coffee (I personally don’t love the name of that service since I don’t drink coffee, but it supports Payoneer which works in Ukraine)

Mitch v2.1.0

Mitch v2.0.0 introduced support for offline web/HTML5 games, however that implementation was a bit rushed and therefore unstable. For this reason, I did not upload that version to F-Droid. v2.1.0 re-writes a lot of that new code, and should be up on F-Droid soon.

  • Revert default start page to Android games instead of Web games
  • Allow excluding a tag from start page, for example all Visual Novels or all Unity games
    • Only one tag a time can be excluded due to itch.io’s limitations
  • Allow excluding game genres while searching, click the ‘…’ floating action button
    • Only excludes ‘primary’ genres, as in, the ones displayed in the itch.io catalogue
  • Display toast/popup when a web game is being saved to offline storage
    • First launch will display a dialog asking for consent to save games to offline storage
  • Fix numerous small issues with cached web games
  • Disable Android filtering for owned items due to info being hidden by itch.io backend now :( https://github.com/itchio/itch.io/issues/1356
  • De-saturate buttons for non-Android OS downloads
  • Web games are now launched as a separate Android task
  • Update personal email address for bug reports
  • New languages: Simplified Chinese and Portuguese (Brazil) - thank you to contributors on Weblate!

Known issues

There is a known issue where web games always stop as soon as the app goes in the background. Please comment here whether or not you encounter this issue.


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Version 2.1.0 Aug 31, 2022

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