v1.4.5 release - now also on F-Droid

Mitch v1.4.5 contains only minor bugfixes. The main reason for this new release is fixing an issue which prevented the official F-Droid build server from picking updates past v1.3.9 (which was released months ago…). Now F-Droid should get the latest versions of Mitch with minimal delay.

  • Opt out of WebView Google Analytics
  • Fix browser crash when looking at a game which was claimed but has no purchase price
  • Fix crash when checking updates for games with external download links
  • Add new UI for Session APK installer (which might become the default installer for most Android devices since the default/native installer seems unstable)


app-itchio-release.apk 8 MB
Version 1.4.5 Sep 01, 2021

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Cannot find 1.4.5 on Fdroid. F-Droid is currently still on 1.3.9.

1.3.9 is giving "an error occurred" messages when attempting to update any apk. Please advise.

According to F-Droid build logs, version 37 (aka 1.4.5) was built about 10 hours ago. Hopefully it will be published today.

I know said “minimal delay” but yeah… Minimal delay can still mean a few days on F-Droid, sadly.

Ah, thank you kindly. I had assumed something was wrong on my end.

Thank you for providing such a good and useful service! This app is so nice!

Seems like the update was finally published. Please tell me if you have any issues with it.

Hey, no more errors! Feels a bit more responsive, too! Thanks for your hard work! I "bought" the game here on itch to support. Good luck!